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Welcome to the world of SHEEP HEAP! The wise sheep need your help to save themselves from an alien attack! The aliens have robbed the sheep of their wisdom and know search for the ancient amulet, which will decipher every one of the sheep’s secrets. Join the sheep resistance on a quest through the whole world to locate the amulet first. Help them solve the jigsaw puzzles to find their way, while learning interesting facts about the world at the same time.

This addicting puzzle solving game combines HD graphics, suitable for tablets as well, with one simplified gameplay to allow the game to be enjoyable for children and adults. The interface has been designed to be intuitive and allow even toddlers to assemble the jigsaw puzzles together on the screen.

Drag each peace in the centre and tap on it to rotate the piece. You can also use your thumb and index fingers to turn the piece clockwise and counterclockwise. When you place two pieces that fit together, they will instantly snap and form a bigger part of the picture.

Sheep Heap develops your child’s motor functions and stimulates logical and critical thinking as it solves each puzzle. Each level is a race against a timer to add extra challenge meant to develop fast thinking and decision making skills. Once you clear a level, you are rewarded with a curious fact about the world, so you can grow as smart as the wise sheep.

The sheep in the game are cute and funny and the graphics in Sheep Heap have been toned down in colour and intensity, so the game is easy on the eye. The perfect educational game for children as young as 9 months.

The game features 50 HD puzzle levels and gives you all future updates for free. As Sheep Heap is meant to educate and stimulate child development the game is add free!

The puzzles are divided into 6 different areas:
* Mountainside
* Forests
* Ocean
* Desert
* City
* Famous monuments: the Coliseum, Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa

* Complete storyline with 50 jigsaw puzzles in a mysterious sheep planet.
* Challenging time on every level
* HD graphics meant to soothe the eye and extend gameplay for your child
* Educational facts about the world


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